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Function, Form & Fashion

The Merindol Hall Collection is a modest 500 or so racquets, and growing.  The collection includes a variety of racquets from Australia and overseas ranging from an Ayres Handicap c1880 to a Dunlop 200G c2004, and includes wood, steel, aluminium, ceramic and graphite.

The collection is aimed at documenting the history of tennis racquet technology and at the same time preserving examples of racquets from previous eras, especially Australian racquets.  It does not claim to be a definitive collection.

The information presented here mainly relates to Australian racquets of the 20th Century.  It includes some ephemera and patents which might add some spice for the enthusiast.  It is planned to add a technology timeline.

The history of Australian tennis racquets is a story of racquets, technology, patents, manufacturers and player endorsements.  Racquets and their designs vary from the plain and functional to elaborate and inventive.  Many racquets that have survived the years have a story to tell in their own right.

The collection does not present a definitive history, nor does it claim to cover the myriad of racquets made in Australia in the 20th Century.  Rather it is a pictorial history which hopes to show some of the character, creativeness and artistry that was the racquet industry last century, when wood was the medium, perfect balance was the aim and hopefully the racquet was a delight for both the hand and the eye.

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