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The Brewer Racket Company, Newport, Victoria, Australia, was established in the early 1930s? with a factory in Newport, Victoria and a depot in Fink’s Building, 6 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Manufactured tennis, squash and badminton rackets.

From a Brewer Catalogue (Estimated 1937)

Brewer. The Rackets of Distinction. From Log to Players Hand.

By deeds, not words. To bring logs thousands of miles from Canada, convert the timber into rackets and export them back to their native country again. Surely is some achievement for Australian ingenuity.

In manufacturing Brewer rackets, we start right at the beginning – meaning that all of the scores of operations, from sawing the raw Canadian Ash Logs, to the stringing of the finished frames, are carried out entirely in the Brewer factory. This timber, chosen for its toughness and non-splitting qualities, is imported direct from staunch and trusted Canadian friends who forward the selected logs in batches up to 750 at a time. Our Canadian Ash, with its stringy texture and twisted grain, must not be confused with so-called English Ash or the Australian building hardwood from which numbers of inferior rackets are made. The slow process of milling and seasoning, a study in itself, requires utmost care and attention, for this initial treatment forms the foundation so necessary in building perfect woodwork.

Constant and practical personal supervision, plus the desire to create a superlative article has resulted in Brewer Rackets finding a market for themselves in Africa, The Continent, U.S.A., Canada, Eastern Countries and New Zealand as well as all States of Australia.

Becoming more popular every day, Badminton and Squash are most fascinating indoor recreations. For each, Brewer Rackets are offered in two models.

The “Style-Leader”, with its flexible cane handle, unbreakable throat, reinforced shoulders and comfortable leather grip, is unchallengeable. Again, for Squash, the famous diamond-strung flat-top is in great demand, it being recognised as the most practical racket for otherwise unreturnable shots.

“Victory”, all white oval models, for Badminton and Squash. Ideal for hard play, but lacking the refinements of the “Style-Leader”.

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