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Alexander advertisements from 1929 to 1948 [provided by Tom Paton].

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Davis Cup Challenge Round December 1953 - Programme

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Girl with Racquet and Ball. Hubert Newman Photographer. Oxford St. Sydney. c1880

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The World of Tennis (Nestle) 1960, with bios on current juniors including Margaret Court (18), Helen Gourlay (14), Lesley Turner (18), Owen Davidson (17) and John Newcombe (16).

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Borg v McEnroe Gold Challenge 1981.  Winner took home a full sized gold tennis racquet.

gold challenge.jpg (24681 bytes)

Tennis Party 1930s. Cohuna in northern country Victoria, Australia.  Top right gentleman holding the popular Cressy Wizard flat top.

Lauriston Girls School Tennis Team 1941.  Front row racquets L to R are: Triumph, Dunlop Maxply International, Alexander Tournament Model, Aggressor Dunlop?

tennis party 1930s.jpg (46499 bytes)lauriston1941.jpg (31500 bytes)

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