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On photographic quality...

Photos are not museum quality but should provide sufficient detail to help you identify racquets.

On racquet dates...

Dates of racquets are estimates only and subject to confirmation.  If you have more accurate information which could help date a racquet please contact me quoting the reference number beside the racquet photo/s.  I am grateful to Tim Hooley of Vancouver, BC, Canada for providing date information on Oliver and Slazenger racquets.

On arrangement of racquets...

Racquets have been grouped according to date and model... approximately.  With new items coming into the collection it is not possible to arrange in perfect chronological order or the pages would be forever changing. I prefer to consider it a site for "just browsing".  You might, after all, see something else you like.

On the work in progress...

There is much to do.  It will take some time to reach a "near complete" state, particularly with Patents.  Stay with me, and come back again.


Adrian Keats

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